0x (ZRX) Altcoin Pro Members Trade Alerts

Mar 29, 2019 --- Altcoins

0x (ZRX) Altcoin Pro Members Trade Alerts

Members trade alert 27th March 2019

Following our successful trades though the last cycle we have started scaling back in to 0x, you can see all our trades here.

The latest buy has triggered on a confirmed double bottom in the optimal trade entry (OTE) long zone. We can see some very strong internal signals from the 3day chart: Willy is oversold and starting to trend higher, MACD has printed a confirmed bullish divergence and OBV has continued to trend higher throughout the bear market. Overall a very promising setup that we will be willing to scale in further to, providing the technicals remain strong.

Trade entered at 0.00007105

Initial target 0.000xx


Initial stop loss - 0.0000xx


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