Ethereum Classic (ETC) - AltcoinPro buy order filled

Sep 4, 2019 --- Altcoins

Ethereum Classic (ETC) - AltcoinPro buy order filled

AltcoinPro Trade:

We have scaled into ETC here following our last buy order which was back in March. Since then the market has continued to sell off and break all time lows v's Bitcoin. We have waited for a daily double bottom to confirm on good volume before adding to the trade. Price has since pulled back to the old resistance and EMA support levels. Daily MACD is recharging and the higher timeframes are all showing a bullish shift in momentum. Trade size is still small as we slowly accumulate in the bear market and look for more favourable conditions to start scaling out. Trade is invalidated on a break of the lows. 


Long term AltocinPro Trade


Entered: ETCBTC 0.000xxx

Stop: ETCBTC 0.000xxx

Target: ETCBTC 0.000xxx


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