Tezos trading cryptocurrency market update for May 30, 2019

May 31, 2019 --- Altcoins

Tezos trading cryptocurrency market update for May 30, 2019

Daily Chart

Thankfully the Tezos Bitcoin markets gave us an opportunity to get active around the 0.018 level before bouncing back above 0.019 where price now resides, a move that has sparked a blue SCMR reversal signal off of the 100 SMA and out of the OTE long zone which is helping short-term market structure, for the time being, all of which bodes well for the bulls moving forward. So do the recharged momentum oscillators and the improving volume indications, not to mention the firmly bullish Ichimoku Cloud, although overhead resistance around and above 0.00020 has become more substantial recently too so we'll likely need to be somewhat patient with the now active PT moving forward.

Short term Members ProTrade - No new ProTrade ideas at this time.

Medium-term Members ProTrade - We have activated a small LONG position off of the 0.0000405 level with an adjusted stop around the 0.000xxx regional low, an initial target of 0.000xxx and a secondary target of 0.000xxx.

  • ENTERED @ 0.000179

Long term Members ProTrade - We will consider a LONG position on a crash back down to the 0.0000xx - 0.0000xx area with a stop around 0.0000xx and a target of 0.0000xx.


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