Volatility made a return overnight last night following what was a slow and steady march to the upside for most of the weekend.

Yesterday was a very interesting day for bitcoin, although ultimately the effect on price and the charts was minimal.

The bitcoin markets remain choppy this Friday morning with prices ranging from the high-2300's $ up to the 2450 $ level where it is still hitting resistance in multiple forms.

Indeed it turned out to be an enjoyable weekend alright, but not for the reasons we expected.

Following a stall out consolidation that began last time price hit new all time highs a few weeks ago, the market finally broke out to the upside above 1892 $ and has continued to run throughout the course of this morning (although we are pausing now).

This weekend worked out quite nicely for BBA considering we were able to activate the updated ST ProTrade near the lows on Friday and were able to exit near the highs early yesterday morning.