Bitcoin is finally getting a much needed "pause that refreshes" following a series of new all time highs throughout the course of this week.

Unsurprisingly the market went into consolidation mode over the weekend as overbought technical conditions prevented the bulls from breaking price out to new highs

While the unrelenting rally we saw over the first half of this week stalled out yesterday following a new ATH of 1623 $

While the market failed to make another new ATH during the Asia and London sessions earlier today, price has maintained resilience in the face of more ardent sell pressure.

While the market looked unstoppable for most of the day yesterday, a final failure to break above the key 1350 $ ATH resistance level precipitated the downside volatility that we are witnessing this morning.

As we had hoped would happen going into the weekend on Friday, the bears took a shot at bringing the market down which gave us an opportunity to activate the VST ProTrade at [members-only text](a bit higher than planned, but better than missing it altogether).