It's been steady as she goes for the bitcoin markets so far this week as bulls and bears continue to battle it out at relatively elevated levels.

The choppy conditions have intensified over the past 24 hours, as has the spread between Bitfinex and the other major Western exchanges.

Another weekend, another strong performance by bitcoin in terms of price.

As the market continues to try to price in the implications of the ASICBOOST scandal, bullish bias has persisted in the face of strong overhead resistance and near term overbought momentum.

So far our call late last week for bullish bias over the course of the weekend has been accurate, and that strength is persisting into the early hours of the first trading week of April as price has pushed up into the 1100's $ on all major exchanges.

Bitcoin continues to behave well from a technical perspective, likely aided by the decrease in caustic rhetoric throughout the week regarding the "scaling" issue.