Over the past 24 hours the market has flatlined just above the psychologically significant 1000 $ level where is still sits right now.

Warning signs be damned, this market is moving higher.

Often BBA's forecasts are in the ballpark of reality in terms of actualization over time, however we were right on the money regarding what we expected to be a flat weekend in the markets this time around.

Following an uneventful break below the 900 $ level yesterday, the market has since stalled out once again as traders continue to attempt to decipher what the new dynamic in the Chinese markets will do to the price over the medium to long term.

The bitcoin markets continue to exhibit signs that price is indeed in a bull market consolidation phase, even in the face of what could have been a rather bearish weekend considering PBoC and exchange uncertainty.

The market has really stalled out over the past 24 hours as uncertainty regarding the PBoC's inspections of the big three Chinese exchanges mount, in addition to worries surrounding Trump's inauguration in the US, both of which have made bulls and bears hesitant to act.